Welcome to the Zeev Cohen Lending Library!

Our library currently has a great selection of English books to pique the interests of various readers. From novels, holidays and history to picture books, philosophy and mystery . . . this collection surely has something for you!  Hey, there might even be something for your next book report!

The library is a non-profit educational program. It is open to the public community, and is geared for adults and children alike, to enrich their knowledge on a wide variety of Jewish topics.

This library is named for Zeev Cohen OB"M, a young Simi Valley resident, who loved reading and learning about being Jewish. The library was founded by his family to perpetuate his memory after his tragic and untimely passing in 2000. All the education and Jewish knowledge gained by our readers, is a merit and blessing for him.

Library membership is FREE

How to sign up?

1) email the librarian— [email protected]

2) Or--- make your own free librarika account and request access to Zeev Cohen Lending Library

Browse available titles online and click your book selections to secure a pick-up time.


Click here for the Zeev Cohen Lending Library website:

1) select 'librarika' from the 'Library Resources' option on the right

2)  select 'sign up' from the top menu,  to get free librarika membership 

3)  select Zeev Cohen Lending Library

Voila! Now you can browse the book catalogs and make your selections


Email:  [email protected]

Phone: 805-577-0573

Website:  https://zcll.librarika.com/

Library is currently open by appointment only.