Shabbat candle-lighting is a cherished tradition for Jewish women and girls throughout the globe, as they usher in the radiance of the Shabbat Queen into their homes every Friday evening (18 minutes) before sunset.

Darkness and chaos all fade away in the peaceful glow of the Shabbat candle. Peace and harmony descends. An aura of happiness, blessing and light permeate the home. It is the magic of the Shabbat candles!

The Kaballah teaches that when one lights the Shabbat candles, it creates an auspicious time On High for their prayers to be heard; truly a gift for every Jewish woman and girl - especially in our world today.

If you would like to get started on lighting Shabbat candles, or would like to receive a Shabbat candle-lighting kit to share with someone else, please contact us today.

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