- To attain a strong sense of love and pride in being Jewish.

- Explore the Torah (Bible) and the history of the Jewish people, and to discover their relevance to our daily lives.

- Gain an understanding of holiday traditions and other Jewish practices.

- Study the morals, values and ethical behavior as taught in the Torah.

- Master the skills of Hebrew reading and writing.(Age appropriate)

- Understand basic Hebrew words.

- Learn basic prayers so that the students can feel comfortable at their respective synagogue services.

- Study the ancient and modern history of the land of Israel.

- Allow students to express their opinions and questions about G‑d, Torah and religion.


Hebrew Reading

Beginning with letter recognition for our youngest children, this program leads them through phonetic decoding, reading comprehension and writing. Age appropriate textbooks and workbooks will be completed throughout the year .

Aleph Champ©

Our Hebrew reading curriculum uses the latest educational breakthrough. Based on the martial arts motivational philosophy of color-coded levels and testing, Aleph Champ provides excitement and inspiration, leading the students into a winning cycle of learning.

The Hebrew alphabet as well as the vowels and word formations are divided into 10 colored levels. The students start out as "White Aleph Champs", working their way up the colors of the rainbow to be a "Black Aleph Champ" like their teachers. Games, cards, logs and rewards make every step along this remarkable journey a fun and educational success.

Aleph Champ Home Instructions

Practice is an essential part of any successful reading program. Students that practice at home will be able to continue on a faster pace.

Click on the appropriate color below to access the reading book necessary for your child’s level.

Reading practice at home is an excellent tool to improve your child’s reading skills and keep you in touch with his/her progress.

We urge all parents to strongly encourage their children to do their homework consistently. Reading practice at home is an excellent tool to improve your child’s reading skills and keep you in touch with his/her progress.

*   White  - Master the first 18 letters of the Aleph Bet.

Red  - Master all 32 letters of the Aleph Bet.

Orange  - Master the first 3 vowels with letter combinations.

Yellow  - Master the first 6 vowels with letter combinations.

Green - Master the first 9 vowels with letter combinations.

Blue  - Master all the vowels and exceptions to the rules.

Purple  - Master reading basic prayers, 25 wpm

Brown  - Master reading higher level Tefillot, 35 wpm

* Grey - Master reading from the siddur in a timed fashion, 45 wpm

* Black  - Master reading fluently at 45 - 60 wpm

Hebrew Language

We offer an introductory study of the Hebrew language throughout our program.

Torah (Bible) and Jewish History

The children are introduced to the characters and stories of the Bible. They are given an overview of Jewish history beginning with creation until modern day Israel.


Through hands-on lessons, the students will have a deeper understanding of each holiday, traditions and customs. We will also host community holiday celebrations for our students and their families.

Mitzvot: Why We Do What We Do

Why do women light Shabbat candles? Why is Shabbat such a special day in the week? Why do we have a Mezuzah on our doors? This class will teach basic Mitzvot to grades K - 2 and provide insightful meaning of Mitzvot with the older grades.

Jewish Music

The children become familiar with traditional Jewish tunes and Israeli songs, something they cherish for a lifetime!


Art projects are incorporated into our curriculum for Jewish holidays & Mitzvot themes, to enrich the student with a tangible taste of the Jewish celebrations.

Extra Curricular:


Friday night Shabbat dinners with the ALEPH CHAMP AFTER-SCHOOL PROGRAM is a great way to spend quality time with family and friends, while enjoying the warmth and beauty of Shabbat. The dinners feature traditional Shabbat food, stories, songs, and lots of fun for the kids and their families!


Children are encouraged to attend and participate in our Shabbat services with their families. A children's play area is conveniently located on premises. Monthly children’s program. Kiddush lunch following services. It is a highly-recommended educational opportunity, for kids and their families to spend quality time together at the synagogue.