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Help Chabad help others, plus get great exposure for your business/service! 

Chabad of Simi Valley have begun working on our unique, annual Jewish calendar for the Jewish year 5780 (2090-20), one of its kind in the Simi Valley area.

The calendar is multifaceted, replete with detailed information about upcoming holidays, educational messages, local Shabbat and Holiday candle lighting times, and recipes for traditional foods. The date boxes, including both, Hebrew and secular dates, are quite practical with ample room for recording family appointments. The calendar will also include some of Chabad’s much anticipated events and programs.


We are currently offering you the opportunity to personalize the calendar with your greetings, your family’s birthdays and loved ones’ Yahrzeits. The calendar will feature space for New Year greetings, Yahrtzeits, birthdays and anniversaries printed in the date of the occasion.


Chabad’s calendar is also a good investment for your advertising dollars. Unlike ads in the local newspapers that have a very short life span, potential customers will view our colorful and informative Jewish Calendar the whole year round, thus providing maximum return for your dollar. It will be displayed in homes and offices throughout the community; thus insuring optimum visibility for your products or services.


We will be mailing copies of the calendar free of charge, which will be viewed by over 4,000 people throughout the community. Above each month’s page, we’ve reserved an eye-catching space to advertise your business or to place your family’s special occasions, i.e. Bar/Bat Mitzvah, weddings, etc.


Your New Year greeting or advertisement is important to our growth and will assist us in furthering our efforts in serving the community at large. Please fill out the attached form and return with your check by July 28, 2019.


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